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Intern to Full Time Offer

Dec 14, 2022Uncategorized

Today, we want to share the success story of one of our clients.

Jola, a college senior and student of CPS recently accepted a full-time offer at Bank of America (BOA).

We were not bluffing when we promised you a high-paying job when you sign up for one of our programs.

As a student of GWU, Jola B. contacted CPS for help on getting into Cybersecurity. Even though he was a Junior majoring in Business, CPS secured him a Cyber Security internship at Bank of America in Miami.


Bank of America has now converted Jola into a Fulltime Junior Security Analyst starting May 2022 with a $105K salary.

A  6-figure offer months even before graduating!

Yes! You read that correctly. He got the offer as a student!

You can see how high the demand is for Cyber Security skills right now.

It’s not going to be like this forever.

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