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Cybersecurity talent is scarce – and diversity talent is even
more challenging.

We train and empower high-performing talent to thrive in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy roles.

Enterprise Solution Offerings:


Contract Staffing

Expert contract talent that you can trust to meet project deadlines and drive bottom-line results for your business. This is a great way to increase your workforce flexibility while minimizing cost and risk.

Our Contract to Hire Option also allows you try before you buy is an effective strategy for testing a potential technical employee’s fit, especially when compared to direct hire.
Our assignments last for three to six months. Whether it is a headcount issue, budget challenges or simply making sure that you have the right match, try our contract-to-hire option, it may be the best fit.


Direct Placement/Hire

Professional Direct-Hire job placement. We assist companies with an extensive candidate search and selection process to fulfill Cyber Privacy, Identity and Access or Artificial Intelligence Niche direct hiring needs. Contact us today to have our world-class team fill your placement needs with top professionals who fit your company.

Technical Consultants, Privacy Consultants, Privacy Attorneys, Cyber Security and IAM Engineers, Cyber Security and Software Developers,
Cyber Security Project Managers & Product Managers, Identity and Access Management(IAM), Business Analysts, Management (Team Leads, CTOs, VPs, and Directors)


Team Training

Cyber Privacy Solutions is the first choice certification training provider for hundreds of businesses.

We offer a wide range of solutions to get your staff skilled, certified, and back to the office fast.

Are several of your team members interested in certification? Our enterprise solutions consultants will create a custom training package that fits your organization’s specific needs. We offer training packages for as few as 5 to 100 team members spread across the globe.

Our Enterprise Solutions team can work with you to tailor your specifications and quickly create a targeted solution that meets your budget and schedule.


Cyber Security Toolkit

More than 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. Most businesses aren’t prepared to respond to an incident, or aware of tools and best practices to protect against common threats. That’s why we created the Cyber Security Toolkit for Small Business – to provide assessment tools and resources you can use right now.

In addition, Small and Medium size business are being asked to demonstrate what protections they have against cyber criminals before they are offered PI cover. This practical toolkit will help your firm increase awareness of and be prepared for cyber incidents and the threats they pose, as well as understanding how to prevent and deal with them. It will also offer assistance to help your staff comply with all their information security obligations. As well as advice on how to safeguard digital information from both external and internal sources in the workplace.

The toolkit is applicable for any small organization with limited IT expertise, resource or budget – whether commercial, not for profit or mission based.

Transform your information security program into a tool for business growth with centralized management, faster security assessments, and extensive visibility into your third-party ecosystem. Build trust, in real-time, with Cyber Privacy Solutions.

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