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Kickstart 2024 TODAY

Nov 9, 2023Uncategorized

Landing a high-paying entry-level position in cybersecurity starts with forward-thinking and strategic action.

Here’s how you can ensure you’re not just in the running, but above everyone else when 2024 begins:

  1. Skill Assessment: Review the skills and experience you’ve gained in your current role. How can these translate into the cybersecurity field? Understanding this will guide your path forward.
  2. Job Matching: Investigate entry-level positions in cybersecurity and identify those where your present skills are applicable. Many roles in cybersecurity build on foundational knowledge you may already possess. (Need help with finding the right job for your skill level – book a call with our career consultant to help you find the match here: www.cyberprivacysolutions.com/bookacall)
  3. Certification Achievement: This is the clincher. Companies often prioritize candidates with certifications. Very often the roles that require 1-2 years of previous cybersecurity experience will employ someone with relevant skills from non IT just by having the right certification.
  4. Networking: Begin cultivating connections with industry recruiters now. When hiring accelerates at the start of 2024, you want to be more than just another name. Establishing rapport early can mean you’re at the forefront of their minds for new openings.

To assist you, we’re now offering an early-bird Black Friday discount on our esteemed CompTIA Security+ certification:

  • CompTIA Security+ Self-Paced Course is now available for a limited time at $599.
  • CompTIA Security+ Comprehensive Bundle, which includes the certification exam and a resume update, is yours for just $1495.

However, the early-bird price is limited to the first 15 purchasers! Click here to learn more.

Begin 2024 on a strong note. Make it your year for growth and success in cybersecurity. Start your journey today.

P.S. Not sure which course or certification aligns with your career aspirations? Reach out to us, and we’d be happy to guide you on your cybersecurity journey.

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