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IT Fundamentals+

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) certification is designed to introduce individuals to fundamental IT knowledge and skills, making it an excellent starting point for those interested in advancing their careers.

The ITF+ program places emphasis on vital IT competencies that are necessary for beginners in the field, regardless of prior experience.

Jobs that use CompTIA IT F+ Certification

Help Desk Tech

(Average Salary $53,506)

Field Service Technician

(Average Salary $75,610)

System Support Technician

(Average Salary $48,420)

Desktop Support Specialist

(Average Salary $52,998)

Associate Network Engineer

(Average Salary $69,817)

Junior Systems Administrator

(Average Salary $87,810)

Open The Doors To Your IT Career With CompTIA ITF+ Certification

(The First Certification To Kickstart Your IT Career)

Start From Scratch And Learn At Any Time:

IT F+ is perfect for beginners, as it establishes the core knowledge required by every IT job role and provides a springboard to intermediate-level IT jobs
With The Self-Study Course, you can take lessons at any time you’re available.

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CompTIA IT F+ Is The Perfect Way To Kickstart IT Career

ITF+ is a unique certification that allows students and career changers to assess their competence and interest in information technology as a career path.

With comprehensive coverage of all IT foundations, it is an ideal choice for non-technical professionals seeking a broader understanding of IT.

Additionally, ITF+ serves as an IT education framework for students in both secondary and post-secondary settings.

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What’s Included

Pre-recorded videos and narrated presentations

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Self-Paced Online Video Lessons



Gain an understanding of notational systems, computing basics, and the significance of data and troubleshooting.


Acquire knowledge on how to install and configure common peripheral devices on a laptop/PC, or establish a basic secure wireless network.


Effectively manage applications software, identify various components of an operating system, and clarify the role of application architecture methods.


Comprehend categories of programming languages, analyze logical reasoning, and recognize the objectives of programming concepts.


Explain database structures, concepts, and purpose, and demonstrate understanding of interface techniques.


Understand confidentiality, integrity, and availability issues concerning secure devices, and implement best practices.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Certification serves as evidence of your skills and confirms that you have achieved proficiency in the topics covered by the training.

Attain the Industry Benchmark

CompTIA ITF+ is the prevailing standard in the IT field for establishing a career and gaining recognition.

Open Doors to Opportunities

Certification can make a favorable first impression. In fact, 96% of HR managers utilize IT certifications as part of their hiring or screening criteria during the recruitment process*. Learn about the many possibilities available in your IT career with CompTIA certifications.

Enhance Your Performance

Recent research indicates that IT professionals with CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Security+ certification outperform their non-certified counterparts.

Advance Along Your Career Path

Uncertain about the direction an IT certification can take you? Browse IT careers for professionals, explore certifications, and discover jobs in areas that pique your interest, opening doors to success and new opportunities.

Anticipate Success with CompTIA ITF+ Certification

Certification is the most effective method of future-proofing your career. Nine out of ten employers agree that certifications are essential in identifying the right person for the job. Furthermore, IT-certified individuals are more likely to receive promotions than their non-certified peers.

Why Should I Get CompTIA IT F+ Certified?

The CompTIA IT F+ certification validates the problem-solving skills of professionals in the field of computer technology. It covers a wide range of core technologies including security, networking, virtualization, and others. Being CompTIA IT F+ certified is the benchmark for launching a successful career in the IT industry in the modern digital world.

How Do I Get My CompTIA IT F+ Certification?

You will earn the CompTIA IT F+ certification by passing one exam that consists of both multiple-choice and performance-based questions Read on for some common-sense advice that can increase your chance to succeed in your exam and achieve CompTIA IT F+ certification status.

Can I Attend If I’m Just A Beginner And Don’t Have Masters Degree Or Any Experience?

CompTIA IT F+ is one of the first IT certifications you should earn. It establishes the core knowledge required of any IT role and provides a springboard to intermediate-level IT jobs.
IT F+ incorporates best practices in hands-on troubleshooting, ensuring candidates have practical security problem-solving skills

What Will I Be Able To Achieve After Taking The Certification?

The primary objective of the CompTIA ITF+ certification exam is to evaluate your aptitude and expertise in recognizing and articulating fundamental computing concepts, IT infrastructure, application and software, software development, database fundamentals, and IT principles.

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The online training and certification exam preparation program offers a flexible, self-paced learning experience. As it is an open enrollment program, you have the freedom to register and begin learning whenever you like. Once you sign up, you will have 180 days to complete the training program, though it’s possible to finish it in under a week.