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Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck but do not know where to start?

Have you spent years admiring or envying friends or family in tech careers but do not have USD50,000 to spend on a tech degree?

We can fast track your entry into the tech world, and with a big raise too. Our average placement earns a $85,000 salary and you do not need to learn how to code either.



about the most in demand non-technical roles at fortune 500 tech companies.



skills in Data Privacy and Cybersecurity business processes.


confidence in interviewing and articulating your skills, experience, and what you can bring to a tech role.

All you have to do is follow the steps

CPS teaches you our unique methods, evaluation formulas, and techniques that get you in the door within 6 months. On average we are responsible for getting our clients on average 30-50% compensation increases. We are seasoned experts in cybersecurity and data privacy who have a proven blueprint for getting you to your ideal situation fast


Never Miss

a class



each step in the training



all assignments


Wherever you are in your job search, we can help you with the right tools to land a career in Cybersecurity & Privacy.

Whether you are looking to accelerate your career or increase your brand you’re in the right place. We look forward to connecting with you about accelerating your career and landing a 6 Figure Job quickly!

We offer the following options for job seekers:

The Intro


The Switch

Level Up


I had little IT experience, but with CPS, I was able to secure a Job with SIX figure salary.

"I met Oyin at Cyber Privacy Solutions in April 2019, first impressions were great, she guided, coached, directed and helped me shape my current status. Through Oyin's guidance, I was able to secure a Senior IT Business Role in an Insurance firm by September 2019. The pay blew me off. I had little IT experience, but with CPS, I was able to secure a Job with SIX figure salary. I can confidently say that meeting her, was the beginning of the current journey I am on at the moment and I am loving every bit of it."

- James R.

CPS helped me to gain my dignity back and continue building a professional career.

“I think it is providence and a reward for all the grinding for months that I met the amazing team at CPS. They took their time to help me convert my view of the roles I had been doing. They showed and taught me how to re-align my skills and experience in old roles to Data Privacy; everything from policy to the nuts and bolts of the ecosystem. CPS helped me to gain my dignity back and continue building a professional career. I highly recommend their method and their amazing team to anyone, especially immigrants and transplants to big cities, who want to make a foray into Data Privacy. I honestly didn't need as much experience as I had to have benefited from such a practical program."

- Hash Zein


Start Here

The Intro

Our first call with you to get an overview of your background and goals

Over a 60 minute call get:

  • A sneak peek into Cybersecurity and Privacy opportunities
  • A resume review, past interview experiences, career strengths, and weaknesses
  • Feedback on next steps for your unique situation. In the past we have suggested – grad school, changing a college major or adding a minor, pursuing an internship, or signing up for one of our offerings.
  • If we determine that you are a good fit for any of our offerings, it will be one of;
    • The Switch,
    • Level Up, or
    • Makeover
  • After the call, you receive a document that covers our discussion


Put your best foot forward with a revamped up to the minute resume that highlights the keywords and skills employers are looking for.

Available on Fridays & Saturdays only

  • 1:1 Resume Workshop (90-mins)
  • 1:1 LinkedIn Profile Creation/Refresh (30-mins)
  • LinkedIn Professional Photo guidance (photographer of your choice) – photo cost not included

Most Popular

The Switch


Our most popular course till date.. 99% of our clients have secured at least $85K/annual opportunity.

This is a great course for recent immigrants, college Sophomores to Seniors,recent graduates, looking to pursue careers in Technology with special interest in Data Protection, Privacy and Cybersecurity.
career switchers, stay at home moms looking to re-enter the labor force.

Number of seats: Available May-Jun, Aug-Sept, and Oct-Nov

  • We build a 90 day career acceleration plan together with you
  • We introduce you to career options in Cybersecurity & Data Privacy
  • We train you on most used cyberprivacy tools in the industry
  • We provide instruction on foundation cyber and privacy topics to get you in the door
  • We help you clearly define your ONE role that you love and you’re best at & focus on multiple job offers
  • We build your ONE message that truly showcases your achievements
  • Guidance on writing the most impactful resume & LinkedIn profile you could possibly have
  • We leverage our network, our previous clients network, and your own network (even if you already reached out to them) to do warm introductions to people that want to hire you!
  • We tell you exactly how to have impactful conversations that always move onto the next step in the hiring process
  • We train you to ACE interviews like a professionals sales closer in a matter of a few sessions regardless if you are shy or doubting your ability
  • We meet with you weekly to ensure you are on the right track
  • We support you via 2 weekly group calls so that you can network with other clients and see how they are winning in the marketplace
  • A private Slack community

Level Up


3 hours per week, over 5 weeks. Get everything inside our “The Switch” program but tailored to you and your personal career situation.

Available on Fridays & Saturdays only

  • About cyber and information privacy career opportunities within diverse industries
  • Career paths
  • Salaries
  • Get guidance to an internship or a FT position in a top firm within 6 months of completing this course

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