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Certified Information Systems Auditor® (CISA®) is world-renowned as the standard of achievement for those who audit, control, monitor and assess an organization’s IT and business systems.

Jobs that use ISC2 CISSP

Security Administrator

(Average Salary $91,562)

GRC Analyst

(Average Salary $85,302)

Helpdesk Manager / Analyst

(Average Salary $96,703)

Network / Cloud Engineer

(Average Salary $101,289)

Security Engineer / Analyst

(Average Salary $113,270)

DevOps / Software Developer

(Average Salary $133,086.)

IT Auditors

(Average Salary $93,871)

IT Project Manager

(Average Salary $78,585)

Open The Doors To Your Cybersecurity Career With CISA Certification

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Prove your skills, advance your career, help earn the salary you want and gain the support of a community of cybersecurity leaders here to support you throughout your career.

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Our CISA instructors are well-versed in accelerated learning concepts and exam preparation.

CISA can showcase your expertise and assert your ability to apply a risk-based approach to planning, executing and reporting on audit engagements

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Self-Paced Online Course:

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Self-Paced Online Video Lessons

Gain More Than Just Knowledge, You’ll Learn These Skills:


  • Identify and compare various social engineering techniques
  • Analyze potential indicators for different types of attacks including application and network attacks
  • Discuss the different sources of threats, vectors, and intelligence
  • Explain the security risks associated with different types of vulnerabilities
  • Summarize the techniques used in security assessments and penetration testing



  • Discuss the importance of security concepts in enterprise environments
  • Summarize virtualization and cloud computing concepts
  • Explain secure application development, deployment, and automation concepts
  • Explain authentication and authorization design concepts
  • Implement cybersecurity resilience
  • Analyze the security implications of embedded and specialized systems
  • Explain the significance of physical security controls
  • Summarize the basics of cryptographic concepts


  • Implement secure protocols and host/application security solutions
  • Implement secure network designs and wireless security settings
  • Implement secure mobile solutions and cybersecurity solutions for the cloud
  • Implement identity and account management controls and authentication/authorization solutions
  • Implement public key infrastructure


  • Use appropriate tools to assess organizational security
  • Discuss the importance of policies, processes, and procedures for incident response
  • Utilize appropriate data sources to support an investigation and apply mitigation techniques to secure an environment
  • Explain key aspects of digital forensics


  • Compare and contrast different types of controls
  • Explain the importance of applicable regulations, standards, or frameworks for organizational security
  • Discuss the importance of policies for organizational security and summarize risk management processes
  • Explain privacy and sensitive data concepts related to security

CompTIA Official Security+ Courseware

Security+ course materials are updated periodically based on feedback from thousands of CompTIA certified alumni students to keep up with advancements in exam content. We review the materials atleast every quarter to ensure they reflect the most current updates. Relying on traditional books or externally sourced materials does not offer this advantage.

CompTIA Official Security+ Exam Voucher

Our Security+ exam consists of a maximum of 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions, with a time limit of 90 minutes. To pass, you must achieve a score of 750 on a scale of 100-900. We recommend that you have at least two years of experience in IT administration with a security focus and a CompTIA Network+ certification.

CompTIA Official Authorized Security+ Instructors

Our Security+ instructors have experience in accelerated learning concepts and exam preparation. During our Security+ boot camp, our team has worked with thousands of exam takers, giving us unique insight into the learning requirements needed for success.

CompTIA Official Practice Test Questions

Our accelerated CompTIA Security+ training includes next-gen educational content covered in value-added evening review sessions. We offer updated practice exam review drills that are representative of the actual exam and lab sim questions delivered during the official CompTIA Security+ certification exam.

CompTIA Security+ Exam Delivery Support

Our exam support team is available to help you get ready for your Security+ certification training, from exam registration to understanding all the steps needed for certification. We are here to answer any questions you may have to make sure you are building momentum towards Security+ certification success.

CPE/CEU Post Class Security+ Package

Staying up to date is crucial in this industry. CEUs are required to keep your certifications current. If you want to maintain your professional certified status, we offer a CPE/CEU Post Class Security+ Package to help keep your certifications current.

How Do I Get My CompTIA Security+ Certification?

You will earn the CompTIA Security+ certification by passing one exam that consists of both multiple-choice and performance-based questions Read on for some common-sense advice that can increase your chance to succeed in your exam and achieve CompTIA Security+ certification status.

Why Should I Get CompTIA Security+ Certified?

Getting certified is the best way to future-proof your career. Nine out of 10 employers agree that certifications are critical in finding the right person for the job. IT-certified individuals are more likely to be promoted than those without IT certifications.

Can I Attend If I’m Just A Beginner And Don’t Have Masters Degree Or Any Experience?

CompTIA Security+ is the first security certification you should earn. It establishes the core knowledge required of any cybersecurity role and provides a springboard to intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs.

Security+ incorporates best practices in hands-on troubleshooting, ensuring candidates have practical security problem-solving skills

What WIll I Be Able To Achieve After Taking The Certification?

Earning a Security+ certification you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of information security topics, such as:

  • Systems and network security
  • Network infrastructure
  • Access control
  • Assessments and audits
  • Cryptography
  • Organizational security

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