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279 signed up so far

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Learn How to Secure a $100k/
year Entry-Level Cybersecurity Role in Just 3 Months with
Our Proven 4-Step Process

No tech, coding, or cybersecurity background required.

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What is this webinar about and what are you going to learn?

According to Fortune.com there are 3.4 million unfulfilled jobs in cybersecurity with average annual salary of around $135,000. In this webinar, you will learn how to land a lucrative cybersecurity job regardless of your current profession. This includes information on the skills and certifications required, as well as the potential career paths and opportunities available in this field.

“I started my first entry-level role in cybersecurity at a top 5 consulting firm. My first salary was $125,000 with a $10,000 bonus.”

The Key Ingredient:

Jumpstart your cybersecurity or data privacy career with $8,000+/mo in just 3 months.

Leverage What You Know:

Transition smoothly into cybersecurity using your current skills

Tech Background Not Required:

Dive into cybersecurity without any prior IT experience.

High Value, High Pay:

Understand why employers offer 6-figure salaries plus on-the-job training.

Who is this webinar for?

Who is this webinar for?

Aspiring Cybersecurity Professionals: Those looking to break into the field and seeking clarity on qualifications and employer expectations.

Career Changers: Individuals from unrelated sectors who are interested in transitioning to cybersecurity but are unsure about the prerequisites.

Recent Graduates: Young professionals or students who want to leverage their degrees for a high-paying, entry-level role in cybersecurity.

IT Professionals: Those already in IT but considering a specialization in cybersecurity and aiming to understand its unique demands and rewards.

279 signed up so far

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What students say about their
Cyber Privacy Solutions experience

“For those of you without any Cyber Security experience like myself, Oyin's Discovery Call will help you assess your strengths so you can position yourself to break into the industry. Oyin was very patient, thorough, and knowledgeable. You will come out of the call feeling confident and at ease. I definitely recommend it!”

Jeff November

Levi Grubbs

LJG Enterprises

“In the course of the appointment call, CPS did an excellent job on my resume assessment and review.”

Dr. Israel O. Edereka

Dr. Israel O. Edereka

Cybersecurity Project Manager,

Infrastructure Security


“I was struggling with my career and believed that earning a six-figure income required advanced degrees and decades of climbing the corporate ladder. However, after reaching out to Cyber Privacy Solutions (CPS), I learned about the high demand for cybersecurity skills and was able to find jobs that match my skill set. In just three months, I received multiple interview requests and started a new role that allowed me to earn $115,000! CPS is the real deal, I promise. Right now I am so happy and confident. All thanks to the Cyber Privacy Solutions team.”

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Cyber Analyst


Secure Your Path to an Entry-Level $100k Cybersecurity Role with Our Proven 4-Step Process

No cybersecurity or tech background required.

279 signed up so far

  • Reach $8,000+/mo in cybersecurity in 2-3 months.
  • Use existing skills to transition seamlessly.
  • Start without prior IT experience.
  • Employers reward with 6-figure salaries and training.